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All you need is four walls


and a whole lot of pixie dust





Neha Arora N is an Experience and Interior Designer, who uses pixie dust i.e her little magical touches, to design spaces that transport people to another place. 

She is the Chief Experience and Design Officer of FF21, an experiential co-living space for millennials; She is also the Chief Design Officer of MakeMySpace, a boutique interior design firm; and the Design Head for the Hospitality Division of FRDC, India's Top Design Firm. 

Neha believes that interior design is not just about designing beautiful spaces. It's about creating a multi sensory experience that transports people to another world. It's about bringing to life stories and taking people on an emotional journey. 

Neha’s eclectic experience in theatre, entertainment design, engagement design, psychology, brand and communication design, fuels her creative process and helps her create designs that are nothing short of magic.

every great design begins with

an even better story





Neha designs spaces that 'bring to life stories' and 'touch the hearts and minds of people'. 



FF21, A Co-Living Space

Story: A home where friends become family

Service Apartment in HSR

Story: 8 Apartments, 8 Financial Capitals of the World

Beach Inspired Home

Story: Sea-esta  

FF21, A Co-living Space

Story: Upper East Side Life

Terrace Garden in HBR

Story: The Wheel of Life

Lighting Design


Some say she's got the feather touch


Others say she creates sheer magic





"Neha is the one who has created magic at FF21! She is very professional in her approach and even gets into heated discussions to make sure that the product or concept she is working on is not reduced in any way. She would reason with us and convince us to go along with her and wait for the final result. We are thankful to have waited, as the final result at FF21 was sheer magic and beyond our expectations. The ultimate testimony of it was that our 90 room property was sold-out within 15 days of the launch! 

What makes Neha standout from others is that she doesn’t just design Interiors keeping materials and finishes in mind, she designs keeping the entire experience in mind. Working with her has been great, and we are looking forward to working with her on many more projects."

Ajay Nemani, Partner, FF21-A community living space



Grateful for all the times

when magic has got noticed







Those who believe in magic 


will always find it




Location: Bangalore, India

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