Neha Arora N is India's leading Hospitality Interior Designer,

who uses Pixie Dust i.e her magical touches,

to design spaces that transport people to another world. 

SPACES: Neha believes, that Interior design is not just about designing beautiful spaces. It's about creating an immersive space that transports people to another world. 


STORIES: And that is why in every space that she designs, she creates a strong sense of narrative, and weaves a story in the entire design scheme. From the light fittings to the wall décor, from the paint colour to the photo frames, from the wall posters to the staff costumes, everything is designed to bring the story to life.  

SENSES: But, no space can come alive without engaging the senses. That is why she carefully curates elements such as textures, colors, smells, sound, light, shade, sense of space, circulation etc, to evoke the senses and take people on an emotional journey.


And when SPACES. STORIES. SENSES. come together. MAGIC Happens! 



Neha works with both private and corporate clients, specialising in the hospitality industry, designing for hotels, service apartments and co living spaces. 

She is also the Chief Design Officer of FF21, a co-living space for millennials, and is responsible for the interior and experience design across all its properties, since its inception.


Neha is also associated as the Consulting Design Head for the Hospitality Division of FRDC,  India's leading design firm with offices in Bangalore and Singapore. 

She and her work have been featured in leading publications and media channels. 



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All you need is four walls and a whole lot of pixie dust

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