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If your project is at this stage, i.e. at the pre-construction stage, you’ve got a blank canvas to envision your dream! This is the best time to engage the
‘Greenfield Concept Design Service’.


In this service, Neha uses her expertise and knowledge of the hospitality and coliving industry, and works with you and your architect to plan suitable room sizes, room layouts, electrical systems, ventilation requirements, common area space allocation etc. from a user experience point of view. She also creates your master design concept, design story, mood board, colour board and elements board etc. at this stage, in order to influence and integrate the architecture with the design.

Now, this type of sound planning, before the project begins, creates a beautiful synchronization of architecture, design and user experience, that brings to life your perfect vision.


If you’ve leased, taken over or own an existing brownfield property, that you want to convert into a coliving, student housing, Airbnb, or service apartment, you need a designer to turn it into a work of art! - to attract customers. This is where you need the ‘Brownfield Design Service’.

In this service, Neha works with you from concept to the final finished space, keeping in mind the practical aspects and technical realities of the existing structure. She offers you a full gamut of design services from concept design to 3D renders and selection of finishes and furniture to the final set-up.
Whether it’s a new construction or an older functional space, whether it's a complete design creation or a design makeover, Neha uses her experience and magical touches to transform it into a pièce de resistance.


Who said you need your interior designer in the same city! Whether it’s Dallas or Delhi, in the 21st century, with modern marvels such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, you can get anything you desire at your fingertips. And It’s no different for Neha’s Interior Design Services.

This Remote Design Service gives you the flexibility to use Neha’s Interior Design Expertise for your Coliving, AirBnB, Student Housing project etc. from anywhere in the world! It Involves online questionnaires, consultations, concept and story, moodboards, custom floor plans, 3D renders, online shopping lists and even remote site visits.
Note: This is not your basic e-design service. It’s a full design service, done remotely!

Designer's Desk
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If you’re a brand who has multiple properties, that need to be designed and executed simultaneously, over a period of time, you most definitely need a designer who can be associated with you throughout that period. Someone with experience and expertise, who designs and supervises the execution of your various properties. The CDO Retainer service offers you just that.  

This service gives you the unique opportunity to get India’s leading designer, as your inhouse CDO for a dedicated amount of time, every month! As your CDO, Neha doesn’t just design and supervise execution, she also provides consults on design, helps you adapt to changing market conditions and consumer needs, makes design adaptations to properties, etc. After all, the industry is constantly changing, and you need an industry leader alongside you.


If you a real estate company and have apartments or villas to sell, then you surely need a ‘model home’ that can make your buyers visualise the fantasy of living in your apartment/villa. But, just any stylist will not do. You need someone who understands trends, dreams and fantasies of your buyers. Someone who can turn your space into a warm, fuzzy, mesmerising home, that elicits dreams of ownership.  That is why you need Neha’s ‘Styling for Model Homes’ service.  

Neha doesn’t just decorate the model home. She creates a strong sense of narrative and weaves a story in the entire design scheme. From the play of lights, to the carefully curated pieces of art; from the beautiful layering of furnishings to the thoughtful placement of furniture; from the wall effects to the entire colour scheme, Neha brings the story to life and makes the home a buyer's dream!


It’s not just enough to have beautiful designed projects. You also need to have skilfully-shot pictures to attract your clients and promote your brand. But, behind every Instagram worthy picture is a creative stylist, who carefully choregraphs the shot. Hence, you need the ‘Styling for Photoshoot Service’ that can make your perfect space, also look picture perfect.

So, whether it’s a portfolio shoot of your project or a photoshoot for a magazine or ad film; Neha uses lighting, props, accessories, angles, orientation, décor, creative elements, and her special knowledge of interior photography to create the perfectly framed shot.
What do you get as a result?  A beautiful portfolio of Instagrammable-breath-taking pictures!

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