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Flower Bouquet

Neha Arora N is India’s leading co-living and hospitality interior designer, who designs for both private and corporate clients, specialising in Co-Living Spaces, Service Apartments, Student Living, and Boutique Hotels & Resorts.

She is one of the first designers to set the new rules for the coliving industry, that’s changing the concept of urban accommodation around the world. She has designed over 2500 beds, and one of her most notable works has been for FF21, a millennial co-living brand, that she has designed from inception. The best testimony to her work, is the 100% occupancy of all the rooms, even before the launch of each property.

She is also a Global Panelist, Speaker and Guest Lecturer, and her work has been featured in leading publications such as Interiors & Decor Mag, Architect & Interiors, ACE Magazine, Design Connect, Bold, Femina, Deccan Herald, Bangalore Mirror, Times of India, Radio 94.3 FM etc.

An avid pursuer of the creative arts, she is also a Latin & classical dancer, racquet sports player, experience designer, neuroscience maven, voracious reader, music addict and world traveller. 



Garden Chair



"All you need is four walls,

and a whole lot of pixie dust"

Pixie Dust /'piksi dust/ - magical dust 


Neha believes that your space cannot just be beautiful. It has to be MAGICAL. It has to transport your guests to another world - a world of fantasy and dreams and escape from reality.  It has to cast a spell over them. It has to mesmerise and emotionally move them. It has to be a magical experience that spellbinds them. 

And that is what Neha promises to create for you! MAGIC.

All you need to do is give her your four walls, let her sprinkle some of her PIXIE DUST .i.e her magical touches & artistic flair, and watch the magic unfold before your eyes!

Garden Chair

Every space that Neha designs has these 4 signature traits

1. IMMERSIVE: Neha weaves a story in the entire design scheme. From the lights to the wall décor, from the colours to the textures, she uses everything to bring the story to life, and immerse the guests in a one-of-a -kind experience.


2. INSTAGRAMMABLE: Her designs are social media magnets that make for the perfect Instagrammable shot. They are photographic goldmines that stop guests in their tracks and tempt them to click ‘share’. What better way to help promote your brand organically!

3. INCLUSIVE: Neha thoughtfully designs elements in a space to create a sense of community; foster engagement, and create an energy and vibe that is unique to your brand and user. Her understanding of human psychology and user behaviour, helps her create inclusive environments 

4. INTERNATIONAL: Inspired by her travels around the world, Neha's designs have a clear 



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